Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Historical MusicMoose.org Lessons

Hi Everyone,

Tonight marks the point where all of the original MusicMoose.org lessons, write-ups and tablature for the banjo series have been transferred to davidcavage.blogspot.com. This includes 143 lessons in the chronological main series, 8 miniseries consisting of 58 lessons, 1 Christmas special and one guitar rhythm special. On the original MusicMoose.org website, some of the lessons became unordered and/or mislabeled and every attempt was made to organize this as best as possible, especially in the chronologically ordered lessons. Some of the long-time followers may notice that the miniseries are not ordered by date of post. Since each miniseries is self-contained, the ordering of miniseries modules was not as critical as the main series so long as the lessons in each miniseries was ordered correctly.

From here on we'll start working on all new material starting with a new miniseries on Don Reno banjo. Keep a look out for this soon, the lessons have been recorded and about half have been rendered and ready for posting.

I wish everyone best of luck with their banjo studies and we'll see you soon.

David Cavage


  1. Great lessons especially on the reno music.
    Thank you very much keep up comming

  2. I really have injoyed these lessons you are god sent for sure ive had lessons from a guy that i was paying 25.00 an hour and did not learn in three lessons what ive learn off from you in the first 30 minutes i told my wife you have a very good way of showing how to do and breakin it down that i could understand what you are doing i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart some said id not learn the banjo but thanks to you there a liar thanks

  3. I started playing a week ago, I feel like I can learn alot from you as I really like your style and approach to teaching, thank you for sharing your knowledge! I am really looking forward to learning to play the banjo!