Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miniseries #005, John Hardy V

Hi All,

Now we are going to the C Chord again. This time we are going to use another variation over the C chord. We are going to use the C7th chord in this variation. I'd like you to take a look at the C7th fingering in this video. This goes back to previous lessons on 7th chords, and you can see by sliding this formation up the neck two frets we get a D7th chord. We will use the same fingering when we get to that portion of the song.

I'd like to mention again, with the theory you've already learned, by using that C7th chord formation, and working your way up the neck one fret at a time........you will get.....starting with the C7th.....then up one fret to get a C#7th, D7th, D#7th, E7th, F7th.....(rememeber no #'s or b's between E and F, and B and C),F#7th, G7th, G#7th, A7th, A#7th, B7th, and back to our octave, or twelve frets away to form another C7th chord up the neck. We can also say C7th, Db7th, D7th, Eb7th, E7th, F7th, Gb7th.....etc.

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