Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miniseries #005, John Hardy VI

Hi Everyone,

After this C chord variation, we then go back to the G chord with bit of a Scruggs lick shown in the video. Then we proceed on to the D chord portion of this song. We are going to use Dmaj. and D7th chords throughout this section.

I'd like to say as well that, as you learn this song, and other songs along the way in the Scruggs style, notice that when we are soloing, that very rarely are we using full/closed chords. Sometimes we are using two note chords, sometimes three note chords, and even sometimes fretting one note in different places to get the melody, and to get the flavor of the underlying(full/closed) chords that the song or tune is made up of.

I would like to say as well, that in backup, we will use the full/closed chords a lot of the time, more so than in our soloing.

Keep it goin,
have fun,
study well!


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