Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miniseries #005, John Hardy VIII

Hi Everyone,

Continuing on with the D/D7th chord leading back to the G chord to finish this song up. Remember the three finger chord formation for the previous C7th chord? its the same formation we are using for a portion of this D7th section.

Before I finish typing, I would like to say as well that, you can take a piece of any previous licks or sections and make them your own. You can add different left hand techniques to make it your own, you can change the timing of the licks to make them your own, you can do many things with a previously learned piece of music and then play around with different sections or licks to see what sounds good to you. Always remember.....If it sounds good...It is good.

Keep it going Everyone, If you have any questions about anything, give me a holler.


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