Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miniseries #006, Scruggs Licks III

Hi Everybody,

First let me start with the Verbal Mistakes! Remember when Im doing these videos they are totally unscripted and I make mistakes in my wording sometimes. Thats why its important to read this text! These videos are Raw when I do them so if you catch something I said that doesnt sound quite right...LET ME KNOW. The bad verbage was this....the only left hand technique I used in this video for the fourth string was a PUSH OFF..... I mentioned hammeron and pull off...I dont know how that comes out of my mouth sometimes....but it does. lol

We are continuing to build off this pattern by adding a PUSH OFF on the fourth string. You can hear the slight difference by using the push off as opposed to just picking the note without the push off. Thats not to say that you have to use the push off all the time....play however you like...try them both.

Lets make another lick as well by adding a 2-4 slide on the third string. Just by adding these notes with the slide we are making yet another lick based off this one roll pattern.

There are many things we can do with these licks.....we can string them together to play over as many measures as we want....we can also use some of these licks to play over different chords as well. Some of these licks contain the same notes from different scales..so they can be played over different chords as well to great effect. I'll be talking much more about this in future segments but I just want to make you aware of this now.

Before I end this text I'd just like to say again that when adding the left hand techniques......THE TIMING OF THE ROLL DOES NOT CHANGE.

Timing is everything,

Roll away all,


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