Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miniseries #006, Scruggs Licks V

Hi Everyone,

OK... the left hand technique from the third to second fret in this video is a push off....not a pull off. I will be more conscious of my wordings in future videos...its starting to P......me off! lol

Lets build another pattern now. Again we are going to play this pattern on just he open strings to start with. This will get you familiar with the pattern and the feel of the pattern with your right hand. I'm using 1/4 notes and 1/8th notes in this pattern, so it is not going to be as flowing as the last pattern we just worked on. Although it doesn't flow like the last pattern we can still keep playing the pattern over and over until it is ingrained in our right hand. Just be aware of the 1/4 note timing associated with those notes.

After you have become comfortable with this pattern we can start to add the left hand into the picture. We start with a 2-3 hammer-on on the second string. That gives us a lick. Then we can put in the 3-2 push off on the third to give us yet another lick. We can build on these patterns infinitely if we want to, and you will see what I mean in future lessons. I'm going to say this again because of its importance before moving on........when applying the left hand fingering and left hand techniques into these patterns.......the timing of your right hand is not going to change...not going to change.

Keep it Rollin Everyone,


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