Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miniseries #007, Scruggs Licks Revisited III

Boogie Woogie All,

You can hear in this video that by changing a few different notes, and adding some triplets to the previous 4th String Position Lick, we have dramatically changed the way the Lick can sound, while still maintaining the "thought", and the position of the 4th string position chord.

Also take notice in this video, that even though we are doing a little single string work, we can still associate it with the forward roll........ Thumb..... Index..... and Middle.........or T I M. I have tabbed out the right hand fingering in the tablature as well, so you can look at it (measure 6) and actually see the forward motion, or roll, of the right hand . Remember......we can associate any style with the rolls of the right hand.

Note: Due to editors mistake, this video is labeled as part 2, but it is really part 3.

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