Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miniseries #008, Cluck Old Hen I

Hi Everyone,

Here is the introduction to a very cool fiddle tune called "Cluck Old Hen". In this short series of lessons, I'm going to be talking a little bit about syncopation, and about using it in your playing. You can use syncopation within any style or combinations of styles on the five string banjo.......be it Keith/Thompson, Single String or Scruggs style.

In this version, I'm sticking fairly close to the Scruggs style, and just going outside the "box" a little bit in the second version by straying from the melody and mixing the use of mostly chromaticlines, along with a touch of blues, with syncopation throughout those lines.

Hope you enjoy the tune everyone,



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  2. Original member from MusicMoose.ORG, David (seems like years ago). I'm re-visiting this series because there's so much I want to learn and practice from Cluck ol' Hen. Happy to see the organization with your teaching series. Keep up the good work.