Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Miniseries #010: Reno Re-Visited 05

Hello Everyone,
A good place to start with using double stops, is to first find the melody notes, or your own line ideas on one string. In the case of this video, we are finding the melody notes on the second string. It is coming directly from the Fmaj. scale. Remember we can start on any note of the scale, in this case the F(1) note on the second string, we can ascend, or descend from that point within the scale, or fragments of the scale. Then we can use harmonizations of two or more notes to form chords. In this case we are using two notes, to form doublestops.

In this video, we also return to previous lessons on relative minors. We can use these as substitute chords to enhance our playing. A cool moveable lick, is to take the relative minor, and "walk" up or down chromatically to where ever the next chord in the progression maybe. In this case, it is the 5 chord leading to the 1 chord. Do a lot of explorations, and I'm sure you'll find some cool sounds and licks that will be your own.

Keep it goin.

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  1. Excuse me for being stupid here but where do you find the video I been clicken on the Miniseries but keep coming back to the blog section. Oh I was a member of MMO before you closed it down and really learned a lot from your vid's. Thanks