Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Miniseries #010: Reno Re-Visited 06

Hello Everyone,
Lets talk about licks. Single string licks. Bond. James Bond. :)
Looking at the tag lick(ending lick)in this vid, you can go over some of the ideas within this series concerning the way I approach single string. If you look at the tab for this lick, you can see the fingering for the left hand, and also the right hand. Take notice of the change of direction in spots, and the change of the forward/backward roll concept.

I would like to say, that there are many ways to visualize the fingerboard when playing some of these things. Some licks come directly out of the 4th, 3rd, or 2nd string positions. These are licks that stick very closely to the confines of the position. You can also visualize my, yours, or anyones' lines/licks by the way they "overlay",(the way you think about scales, modes, and chromatics), the fingerboard. The more ways you learn to play any scale/mode etc., the better you will become at writing and improvising these things. This is something I always work on, and its a perpetual process. Sometimes I grow relaxed with things I already know, but its good to keep changing the way you think. It keeps things very interesting, and hopefully keeps the learning process fun, and makes us all better players. Thats all for now. There will be much more in the future. Keep it going.


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