Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Miniseries #010: Reno Re-Visited 01

Hello Everyone,
This is the next mini-series in the sequence for the previous Reno lessons. In this video, we are going to continue with some single string ideas. We are going to add the left hand into the picture now, and begin to work on scales using the two and three finger approach with our right hand. Speaking for myself, I can gain greater speed by playing with three fingers of my right hand where possible. I'm going to explain to you how I interpret, and make sense of these single string ideas using the thumb/index, and also the thumb/index/middle of the right hand. Looking at a common left hand fingering for the F major scale in this video, this is how I approach it. When a scale, or passage/lick, is "ascending" in nature, we are going to use a Forward roll when the scale/lick used has "three" notes per string. This will be our "general" rule. There are always exceptions, but this will be the foundation of thought for future lessons. Besides the Reno material, this method will lend itself well for future Jazz studies.
Keep it going everyone.

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