Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lesson #134, Sally Goodin' III

Hi Everybody,

Take a good look at the two finger position in this video ( your index and middle fingers of your left hand). This position will be used a lot in the upper portion of this tune. As you look over this position throughout the tune, try to be aware of closed position chords it may be coming from, and also, try to be aware of any scales it may be used in.

Remember that there are only two chords throughout this whole tune, those chords in the key of G............ are G and D. If you look at the tablature, you can see where the chord changes occur. After you have a grip on this tune, try to listen for the chord changes as well. If you happen to have a guitar to accompany you, that will make it easier as well to hear the changes.

Sally On,


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