Monday, May 11, 2009

Miniseries #004, Take this Hammer + 7th Chords and Backup Discussions IV

Hi Everyone,

1-3-5 3-5-1 5-1-3
1-3-5-7b 3-7b-1-5 5-1-3-7b

The top numbers are our triads in fourth, second, and the third string positions.
The next set of numbers are our 4 note seventh chords associated with the triads.
We can play the combination of numbers anyway we want to get our triads and our seventh chords.

Remember as well that the third string position triad (barre position) at the twelveth fret ........ 5-1-3 the same as the open string triad..........5-1-3

We are working on four note seventh chords at the moment, seventh chords that contain all of the four notes of the 1-3-5-7b
We can get the "color" or "sound" of the seventh chord in different ways, and I'll start to discuss this is the following lessons.

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