Monday, May 11, 2009

Miniseries #004, Take this Hammer + 7th Chords and Backup Discussions VII

Hi Everyone,

As we move up and down the fingerboard with the seventh chord double stops and triads, we can associate their locations with the three basic chord positions. By this I mean that we are expanding on the three basic positions.......sort of like branches from the core of a tree.....these extensions are branches from the core of the three basic positions. You can look upon these extensions the best way you see them in your own visualizations of the branching off any of the positions you see fit. I sometimes look at them as the nearest extensions to the nearest position.

The extensions of the double stops, triads and closed position chords are all moveable as well. We can move them up and down the fingerboard to cover all of the twelve notes.

I will be discussing many more things about chords in future lessons. We will keep expanding on things we have gone over previousl. We will continue to Rock and Roll on the Banjo!


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