Monday, May 11, 2009

Miniseries #004, Take this Hammer + 7th Chords and Backup Discussions III

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To flat (b) a note on the banjo, all we have to do is go back 1/2 step or one fret. To sharp (#) a note on the banjo , all we have to do is go ahead 1/2 step or one fret. Remember we are going to number the major is 1, re is2, me is3, fa is 4, so is5, la is 6, ti is 7, and back to do is 8, or the octave.

Lets look at our first chord extentsions....the seventh chord. The formula for a seventh chord is this.....the 1 the 3 the 5 and the flatted 7 (7b). Going back to previous lessons, we know a major triad is the 1,3,5. Now we are extending the triad to create our 7th chords. 1,3,5,7b

Looking at the fourth string postion on the banjo, we can add the 7b to the triad on the first string fretted behind the third fret.....that is our 7b (an F note). Remember as well that since we have two D strings on the banjo ( the fourth and first strings), anytime we fret one of them, we can also fret the other one, or "FLIP" fretting to get the same note, just an octave higher in pitch. That is very important to remember as we continue to look at the seventh chords throughout the banjos fingerboard.

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