Monday, May 11, 2009

Miniseries #004, Take this Hammer + 7th Chords and Backup Discussions XI

Hi Everyone,

Lets play some seventh chords now within the picking patterns we went over. By adding the seventh chords in our backup, we are adding a little color to the canvas. We can play the whole backup using just the major chords, and it sounds good just using them, but adding different chords now and then keeps things interesting.

You can hear for yourself how the D7 sort of wants to naturally proceed to the G chord, or expressing ourselves using the Nashville number the 5 chord wants to go to the 1 chord. Let me say this as well.....although 7th sounds "want" to resolve naturally to the ear towards another chord.....the 7th sounds don't "have" to resolve the way our ear may want it to. This is something we will discuss more in depth in advanced lessons, but I thought I would mention it here because of its relativity. You can sort of listen to what I mean by at one point in this video I go from a D7 to a Dmajor then resolve to G. In another ....D7 to Dmajor to D7 to G.

We can really apply these colors anyway we want, and its really up to the artist to decide when they would like to add these colors....if at all...and also its up to the artist to decide the "shade" of the color. Perhaps dull? perhaps bright? maybe inbetween? Freedom to do what we want creates the most beautiful and the most individual of paintings.

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