Monday, May 11, 2009

Miniseries #003, Worried Man Blues IV

Hi Everyone,

We are continuing on with the Worried Man Blues. There isn't a lot more I can say about this song, except to take your time and try to get that right hand and left hand in time and in conjunction with each other.

You can also take notice in this song that we are breaking up the rolls with quarter notes in places in this song, so as not to have the rolls and patterns sound monotonous.

I can say this about the song as well, that if you listened to me singing the song in the beginning of this series, I was singing the melody of the song. If you listen to the way the banjo sounds throughout , you can hear me play the melody within this version.

Just like a singer can interpret the melody of any given song, the banjoist can interpret the melody within his or her soloing. Its important to try to bring out the melody notes of any song or tune you are playing, especially in Traditional Bluegrass. I'm going to be delving into this subject very soon In the beginning Banjo Lessons right after I teach a few other things related to combining right and left hand techniques and also Vamping for backup.

When we go on to explore other kinds of Music, such as the Blues, NewGrass, Jazz and Rock, we can take many liberties on the melodies and stretch them as far as ones' mind can reach.

Enjoy the Worried Man Blues all,


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