Monday, May 11, 2009

Miniseries #004, Take this Hammer + 7th Chords and Backup Discussions VI

Hi Everyone,

Lets continue to work on the sound of the seventh chord up the fingerboard of the banjo. Again...all we are doing is finding the 3rd and flatted 7th degree of a major scale to form a seventh chord double stop. In this series, we are working on a G7 chord, but we can apply this formula to all of the twelve major scales to form all of the seventh chords.

What we are doing is finding the closest notes of the 3rd and 7b along the fingerboard. When we find one, we just move up to the next, and so on all the way up or down the fingerboard.

We can also make our triads (three note chords) along the fingerboard as well , adding the 1 or the 5. We can of course also add them all together to create our full or closed position 7th chords.

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