Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lesson #037, 4th Position Chords

Hi All,

Here is one more Major chord formation. We are going to associate this formation with the fourth string. Again to the video on the finger placement for this formation. Again we are going to use the same method of naming the Major chords in this formation. Name any note on the fourth string and you have the name of the Major chord associated with this formation. You can also associate this formation with the first string if you wish, because the fourth and first strings are the same note.

That being said..... playing a note on the fourth or first string at the same fret will give you the exact same note. Only the first string will be one octave higher in pitch than the fourth.

Also playing the first string and the fifth string at the same fret will produce the same exact note with the same exact pitch, because the the fifth string starts at the fifth fret. So if you pick the first string at the fifth fret and the pick the fifth string open it will produce the same note.... same pitch. Try fretting the first and fifth at other places using the same fret and you will see and hear what I mean.


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