Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lesson #119, Cumberland Gap VII

Hi Everyone,

Here is one more version of Cumberland Gap. In this video I'm playing mostly Scruggs style with a hint of Keith/Thompson style thrown in as well in one spot. In this version, I thought I would try to encompass the entire neck without to much emphasis on chord positions, but instead, try to look at the neck as a whole.

Also, by mastering the different rolls of the right hand, you will come to be able to do many things with your right hand. You will come to feel what your right hand should do, depending on where you want to take any piece of music you are playing. This is an advanced approach, but its good to look over it anyways. I constantly try to look at the fingerboard in different ways, sometimes I succeed, and sometimes I fail at what I'm trying to play. But it certainly keeps things interesting, and it certainly helps to become more familiar with the fingerboard.

Let it Roll,


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