Sunday, April 12, 2009

Miniseries #001, Beginner Backup I

Hi Everybody,

In this next video series we are going to talk a little bit about beginning backup on the five string. Playing backup is a very important part of playing with other musicians......The Jam Session!. There are many different ways to approach backup, and we are going to start with a simple forward roll pattern, then use the same pattern over several chords. By using a simple pattern, we are not actually playing any melody notes on any given song you may be jamming on, but instead we are creating a droning effect, sort of like strumming a guitar, but on the banjo we will be using roll patterns to create that effect. I would also like to say that a lot of times, the simplest backup will sound the best. This is the time to compliment the other musicians around you. Try to keep the best timing you can for whatever instrument, or whoever singer may be soloing.


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  1. Bought a banjo a couple of yrs ago. havnt done much with it. Now , with your help I will make use of it!! glad to have found your site. Thanks for loving your instrament enough to share your knowledge with others like me who wish to learn!! JIM