Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lesson #069, When the Saints Go Marching In I

Hi Everyone,

I thought I'd give you another song to work on before continuing on with other things. This is an old Jazz song...... When The Saints Go Marching In.....
I can see and hear the dixieland bands meandering through the streets of New Orleans as I type!

I worked up a version using the three finger style, and also your first introduction to a Minor chord and a very basic two note sequence using single string technique. There are many different styles that can and are played on the Five String Banjo....... Scruggs or three finger style....... single string stlye......Bobby Thompson or Bill Keith "melodic" style. I don't like to use the term melodic style, because to me playing melodically means something else. Playing something melodically is playing a selection of notes in a melodious way.... a selection that is very unobtrusive to the ear... it flows very easy .. thats how I think about melodic playing, and It can be accomplished with any method or style that you like. We can also combine any or all of the stlyes listed above. I'm going to be relating most everything I teach on the banjo to the three finger style. Single string and Thompson/Keith style as well. There are no limits to what can be done on the Banjo, and we will continue to explore, explore, explore.

Rock On All,


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    Its all for a good cause!