Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lesson #052, Fitting Different Rolls in 4/4 Time IV

While this lesson is labeled 51, it is actually 52. Sorry for the confusion.

Hi Everyone,

Before we move on to the backward/forward roll. Lets play a variation on the f/b roll that we worked on in the last lesson. This time we are going to leave the thumb out of the fifth string picture. We are going to play the f/b roll just on the first three strings. It is still a b/f roll.

Playing these roll patterns on different strings is getting your right hand fingers into feeling different string combinations and slightly different range of motion with the f/b roll. You are going to be able to switch the motions of your right hand fingers to play some awesome things on the Banjo after some practicing.

I also went over the b/f roll in this video using the fifth string as a connector. Its just another roll to put your right hand. Be cautious of the seventh measure again with this roll. It may seem a little awkward coming into and out of the seventh measure chord change. When playing all of these rolls we went over in this series, if you come to that seventh measure and seem to stumble a bit, don't worry about it, it will all fall together with a little practice. Try to let your right hand fingers fall naturally into what feels right in that measure. If that be with 1/4 notes or 1/8th notes with any of the three fingers of the right hand.

Roll On


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