Sunday, April 12, 2009

Miniseries #001, Beginner Backup VI

Hi Everyone,

In this video you can hear how using the same second string position D chord pattern/lick can be used against the second string position C chord. Also, after you become familiar with different patterns, you can mix the patterns up within the same chord. You can hear in this video where I used one pattern over the first part of the lick, and another pattern over the second half of the lick. In time, you will be playing these things automatically, you won't even be thinking about it, you will just be improvising with these patterns at will.

I would also like to say, that when you are in a Jam Session, and may be you mess up a little with some pattern you are trying to use, just try to keep the right hand in motion, and come back to the pattern or a simple roll. Try to keep the timing going, even if you mess up. Sometimes your perception of a "mistake", will lead you into new territory of the right hand. It will force you to play something that you didnt have planned, but in the end, will help you develope your right hand into doing things that perhaps you thought you couldn't do.

Keep it going everyone,
and good luck with your jam sessions!



  1. David, can you post the tabs for beginner back up again on the new webpage.

  2. You made several references to tablature during this series of lessons on Beginner Back Up. I was able to make copies of the three items -- One Finger Back-Up, One Finger Back-Up Variation and Back Up Variation. There must be other tablature that I did not find on the subsequent lessons. Where is that posted? Thank you for helping me learn more about playing my banjo. I appreciate you. MTS

  3. Same here, I can not find those tabs you mention. I am obviously not talented enough to figure out what is going on just from the video.

    Yes, I have spent hours rewinding videos. :)