Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lesson #090, Cripple Creek III

Hi Everyone,

Let me first say that in measure 6, that is a quarter note rest. I mis spoke at one point calling it an eighth note is a QUARTER note rest.

Looking at measure 6 we see that it starts with the rest. The other s in measure 6 are quarter notes. So we can count measure 6 like this.........1 2 3 4
Remember we dont play the 1.... we only play the 2 3 4.

Lets look at measure 5 now. It starts with 4 eighth notes, then 1 quarter note, then 2 more eighth notes. The last 2 eighth notes are coming from the 2-5 slide that you see in the tablature. When we play the 2-5 slide we only pick the first note(the2), but the sound of slide when we reach the 5th fret gives us the sound of another eighth note and must be counted as well. You can see what the markings for a slide look like in the tablature as well.

Lets look at measure 12 and 13 now. Measure 12 starts with 4 eighth notes followed by 2 quarter notes giving us our count of 4 beats for that measure. If we look at the last quarter note in measure 12 it is a slide. Remember we are only picking the 2 in the 2-5 slide.

Now......looking at the first note in measure 13 it is a quarter note......but that note is also the second note of the 2-5 we dont pick that note, but it is being sounded in the slide and being counted as quarter note. These are some of the subleties I was talking about. The timing in these slides is affected by how fast we perform the slides. You will see what I mean in these upcoming lessons of cripple creek.


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