Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lesson #065, Playing the Melody and Improvising with Rolls Around the Melody III

Hi Everyone,

The melody notes I am using in this version of Bile em cabbage down are.....B...C...B....A....B....C...B...A...G...... Again these notes are coming from scales and I will explain further in future lessons.

We can also place these melody notes on different spots on the fingerboard of the Banjo. In the example in the video we can play these series of notes on the third string only. This is where your knowledge of the fingerboard is starting to come into play. It is very important to know where the notes on the fingerboard occur. If you don't quite remember what they are and how to go about it , you can always go back to the NAMING NOTES ON THE FINGERBOARD lessons I did awhile back.

In the example in this video of using the third string only... we can use the same forward roll pattern as in the previous....... the only thing we are going to do now is start the pattern with our index finger on the third string as opposed to the second string. Its very important to read the text! since these videos are mostly improvised I find little verbage mistakes here and there sometimes, and I just want to keep these lessons as clear as I can for you all.

We can also use different rolls with the melody anywhere we can find the melody notes on the fingerboard. You should experiment with different rolls with the melody notes and be aware of how they sound to you as you are experimenting. Always be conscious of your timing! Don't be afraid to experiment...... we are all scientists of the Banjo!



  1. Can someone please write down this backward roll because I can not figure this out. Everything I try sounds wrong. :(
    Yes, banjo is in tuned :)

  2. 12312512 backwardroll first melody
    13413513 backwardroll with the 3rdsting melody
    my best guess