Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lesson #046, Continuation of Rhythm Discussion I

Hi All,

We are continuing on with rhythm in this lesson. What we are doing now is
playing three finger chords down by the nut and you can see how they are formed in the video. The three finger C chord is coming out of the second string position. If you look at that chord and remember the lesson on the second string position you can see that formation with the C chord by the nut. The only difference is that the nut is acting like your index finger within the full chord like the video from the second string chord vid.

I'm going to be explaining why different chord formations are what they are in upcoming lessons.

In this example of rhythm on this video I am incorporating the sound of the Bass to the pattern using the alternating thumb roll. We are still using 1/4 notes but now you can hear the sound of the Bass on the down beats of 1 and 3 using your thumb.

Remember to tap your foot along and you will find that the down beats are occuring on the 1 and the 3.

Rock On Everyone

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