Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lesson #061, Combining Left-Hand Techniques with Pinches & Rolls II

Hi Everyone,

This video shows a little bit more of the left hand techniques and a few different rolls of the right hand. We can play any roll and use any left hand technique we want. I played a alternating thumb roll in part of this video and then combined the 2--4 slide on the third string. Again the timing in your right hand is not going to change.

If ever you are unsure of a left hand technique within a roll or roll pattern.....if it doesn't quite sound right to you...... try this. Play whatever you are working on without the left hand tech. Just play whatever you are working on and keep the timing of the right hand solid throughout what you are playing. When you feel comfortable with the timing, then enter the left hand tech. and keep the timing in your right hand the same.

Try also combing some different notes...... 1/4 note pinches and 1/8th rolls or any combination you would like with the left hand techs. Its all going fall together with practice, you won't even think about what you are doing, you'll just be doing.

Play well everyone, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask us anything here on the Moose.


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