Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lesson #045, Basic Backup for Chord Progressions

Hi Everyone,

Let me first say that this lesson got sort of mislabeled. There was a little miscommunication between my nephew Christopher and myself on the title of this lesson. Although the pattern you heard me playing in this video can be used for very basic backup behind that chord progression, this lesson is meant for a continuation on rhythm. Playing what you heard me doing is playing a basic rhythm.

I was using all 1/4 or quarter notes within that rhythm pattern. Even the pinches were 1/4 notes. All I did was stack them up to play the chords, but they still had only 1 beat associated with pinch, because they were played at the same time.

I also showed you a couple of two finger chords down by the nut for you to practice changing your chords . The three chords that we are using in the example are G, C, and D7. I'm going to explaining much more about chords in future lessons, like why a certain chord is what it is. Chords are built from scales, and we start with why a major chord is a major chord. Then we build on the major chords to explore many possibilities with those chords. Different chords have different flavors or colors. They will add beautiful colors into your soloing and your backup as well.

One more thing before I go. When you're doing your chord changes in this rhythm pattern, try to keep your fingers close to the fingerboard.The closer your fingers are to the fingerboard the faster and easier it will be to change your chords. You can practice changing these chords and using this pattern over the top of the guitar track I put down for you.

Rock On All

David Cavage

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