Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lesson #051, Fitting Different Rolls in 4/4 Time III

While the video says this is lesson 50, it is actually lesson 51. We are sorry if this causes any confusion.

Hi All,

Lets bring in the forward/backward roll now into the eight measures. Remembe when we use the f/b roll with our thumb connecting with the fifth string, that we can consider the use of the fifth string either forward or backward. That being dependent on how you would like to interpret the fifth string within the motion of your right hand.

We don't have to worry too much about the seventh measure using this pattern with the f/b roll because this roll is going to flow throughout the eight measures even within the seventh measure with the chord change in the middle of that measure. you'll see and hear what I mean when you play this roll throughout the eight measures for yourself.

We can also incorporate the fourth string into this roll as well as all the other prior rolls we have been working on. Practice using the fourth string with your thumb on these rolls and try to keep your timing of the right hand consistent throughout.

Remember that we are not playing any particular tune or song yet , but we are excersizing our right and left hands with these different rolls and chord changes.

Always remember to LISTEN to how these different rolls sound as you play them as well. Your ears, of course, are the most important things that you will use in playing the Banjo. Listen to what you are playing.... does it sound good to you? If something doesn't sound quite right to you, play it again until it does sound good to you. Always remember.......... If it sounds good to you, it is GOOD!

Play well Everyone


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