Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lesson #082, Eighth of January I

Hi Everyone,

In the next series of lessons we are going to take a look at an old fiddle tune titled the Eighth of January. We are also going to approach this tune in the Keith/Thompson style or sometimes called the "melodic" style. The K/T style started off by practice use of scales on the banjo. The approach to strings is a little different than the approach of Scruggs, although we can still relate the K/T style to the rolls and motions of the right hand. It pretty much comes down to the alternating thumb roll that we went over in previous lessons, and also the forward and backward rolls.

I though to give you this example of this style pretty early so can see and hear for yourself just another way to approach the five strings. It is also good excersise for the right hand to utilize the strings in a different way than just with the rolls. As we continue to work on many things in the future, your right hand will become very versatile when learning and working on new tunes, and in your playing in general. Hope you enjoy the Eighth of January.


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