Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lesson #057, Continuation of Vamping Discussion III

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Lets continue with another vamping technique. We are going to use the same pattern and counting as in the first technique of vamping. The only difference we are going to do is to start the vamp with the deadening of the strings.

Lets start again with the G chord using the 4th string position at the 5th fret. Now lets start off by placing our fingers just on top of the strings, pressing down ever so slightly, not even to the top of the frets. Now lets play the pinch. Now lets press our fingers down to the fingerboard.

Again we can count the pinch as an 1/8 note and then we can count the sound of our fingers hitting the fretboard as another 1/8th note. Our count once again is 1 2and 3 4and.............remember we are only playing the the pinch/vamp on the off beats of 2 and 4...... we are not playing on the down beats of 1 and 3.

Lets use the three different chord formations again over the eight measures of guitar track. This time we are going to move up a little higher on the fretboard using the three different chord formations.

Lets start with the 2nd string position on the 2nd string at the eight fret. Going back to naming notes on the fingerboard we know this note is a G note, so using the second string position is giving us our G chord.

Now lets use the 4th string position for the C chord. We know the 4th string fretted at the 10th fret is a C note, so using this formation gives us our C chord. Remember we can also associate the 1st string fretted at the 10th fret with this formation. The 1st string fretted at the 10th fret is a C note as well. Always remember when fretting the fourth string anywhere on the fingerboard, the same note occurs on the first string of the same fret.

Lets use the 3rd string position(barre position) for the D chord now. We know the 3rd string fretted at the seventh fret is a D note, so now we have our D chord using the 3rd string position.

Practice using this second method of vamping over the eight measures now using those three different chord formations at the frets we just went over. Remember are only playing on the off beats of 2 and 4.

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