Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lesson #085, Eighth of January IV

Hi Everyone,

Lets continue on with the Eighth of January. In this video you can see that I played a slight variation on the first part that we previously went over. Instead of stopping by using that 1/4 note, all we are doing is continuing the line using 1/8 notes. You can play the section either way. You can hear the difference for yourself playing the first way and with the variation.

Playing these slight variations in tunes and songs gives them a different flavor to keep interest in the tune, instead of just playing it in only one way. When you become more familiar with the banjo and its fingerboard you will be able to create different "colors" in your playing through improvisation. Playing these variations will help you understand the different colors of improvisation in just this one way of playing 1/4 notes in spots and the use of 1/8th as well. This is adding color by the use of different timings. There are many ways to add color, breaking the notes up is just one way.

Roll Away,


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  1. wow... this tune got suddenly 25% faster :)