Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lesson #066, Playing the Melody and Improvising with Rolls Around the Melody IV

Hi Everyone,

Lets combine some of the melody notes and rolls with the left hand techniques as well in this lesson. We know the B note lives just behind the 4th fret of the 3rd string.(one of the places it lives). Lets use the alternating thumb roll and a 2--4 slide on the third string to play the beginning of Bile em..

So we are getting the B note within the 2---4 slide in the alternating roll now. Again we are playing the melody note of B on the 3rd string just behind the 4th fret. So this is another way of improvising using what we know about the Banjo.

I also mentioned in this video about reading tab and music as well. As you become more proficient on the Banjo, you will be able to play anything you want on the Banjo. You will be able to play tabs or music by anyone you wish...... from Earl Scruggs to Jimi Hendrix......Bela to Bach.... whoever or whatever interests you. But when I first started these video lessons I wanted to convey to you one of the most important things that "I" believe is truely great........To be able to play like Yourself!. Don't get me wrong, its very very important to learn tunes and ideas of others. They are stepping stones to your own improvisations and individualisms on the Banjo.

So we are going to continue with all aspects of learning and playing the Five String.........we will all continue to Rock On and Forward into the Future!


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