Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lesson #077, Building Basic Scales and Chords IV

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Lets continue on with the Major chord triad. A triad is a word given to a Three note chord. Tri means three, so there we have it in a nutshell. In this video you will see that I erased some numbers from the chart......those being the 8 , 10, 12, and 14. The reason I erased those numbers is because the basics of these major chords are coming from the degrees of 1-3-5-7. ... since we are going to be working with those numbers for our foundation of chords, we don't need the corresponding numbers underneath because they are the same notes.

Building a major chord triad is quite simple. It consists of the 1-3-5 from a major scale. So lets start with a G major chord triad. The first note of the G major scale is G. The third note in the G major scale is B. The fifth note of the G major scale is D. They are the notes that make up a G major chord triad......G...B...D......

Lets take a look at the fourth string position now. Starting on the fourth string at the fifth fret...thats our G note.....the third string fretted at the fourth fret..... thats our B note.......the second string fretted at the third fret.....thats our D note..... waalaaa........we have our G major chord triad. That is why that position is what it is. Also remember that the fourth and first strings are the same note when fretted at the same in our fourth string position the FULL chord we are just playing two G notes within that chord formation on the fourth and first strings.
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