Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lesson #111, Pentatonic Scales III

Hello Everybody,

So what does mode or modes mean? I'll tell you........If we look at the pentatonic scale, or any other scale for that matter, we can play what is called the modes, and all this means is that we are going to start and end the scale on different notes, or degrees of the scale. The G major pentatonic scale consists of the notes G A B D E.........if we start this scale on the A note which would be the notes of A B D E G.......we have a mode of the G major pentatonic scale starting and ending on A. We can start and end a mode on any of the notes we want to in the scale, and by doing that with the patterns I have tabbed out in these lessons, you will become more familiar with the banjos' fingerboard, so give all of the modes of the pentatonic scale a good go over.

Remember as well that you can play any of the modes from the G major pentatonic scale and play them over the relative minor, in this case it is E minor, or in other words the E natural minor. Playing the modes is a great place to explore your improvisations once you become familiar with them, and once you do become familiar with them, you will start to see and hear them in the Scruggs style within the rolls and licks, and also in the Keith/Thompson melodic style, or in the string style, and in any form of music you wish to pursue on the five string banjo.

Put your picks on and dig into some Banjo ala mode!


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