Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lesson #080, Building Basic Scales and Chords VII

Hi Everyone,

More triads....more chords. Its good practice to play the three basic chord formations up and down the neck and even playing the open chord of G as well. Playing the chords in all the positions will make you very familiar with the fingerboard.

When changing between the 4th and 2nd string positions using them closed, it will help your speed in changing these positions if you leave your ring and pinky fingers on the fingerboard and only switch between your middle and index of your left hand. You can see in the video how to approach switching between these chord positions using this method.

For can also leave your left hand in the fourth string position and just practice flipping your middle and index until you are comfortable to how that feels and becomes second nature. After playing the banjo for awhile....your fingers will do amazing things unconsciously. Just you wait and see!


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