Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lesson #091, Cripple Creek IV

Hi Everyone,

Lets look at measure 2 . Lets look at the 2-4 slide first. Remember we only pick the 2 in the 2-4 slide, but the sound of the 4 within the slide counts as an eighth note in measure 2.

Looking at the standard notation now we see how that 2-4 slide looks in the notation as well as the eighth note of second string being played open in the tablature. When we play our slide.... as our sliding finger reaches the 4th fret.....we are also picking the second string open.... you can see how that looks in the standard notation. I hope its not too confusing .....if it is.....just give me a holler and I'll explain it further.

The chords for the songs and tunes are also shown in the tablature. Sometimes the chord change will occur within a measure. You can also look below the chord to the exact note it is lining up with to see how the chords change. Everything lines up..........the tab.....the notation...and the chords.

Good luck with tab and notation everyone. If you have any questions, just let us know, we'll help you through it.

Rock On,


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