Sunday, April 12, 2009

Miniseries #001, Beginner Backup IV

Hi All,

Again I made a verbal mistake, the C chord lick in this video is a lick with an ALTERNATING thumb apologies.

In this video we are using a full, second string position C chord. We can also use a leadin Scruggs type lick to go into the C chord. All we are doing with this C chord position is creating another pattern, and using some different left hand techniques within the pattern to create this C chord lick. I would also like to say that most any pattern you find, can be used against any chord using the same position. For example......if you use a second string postion C chord pattern/lick, you can use it on any of the twelve chords......that holds true with any pattern/lick used with the fourth and third strings positions as well. I encourage you to come up patterns on your own, and try using your own patterns over different chords. The more patterns you know, the more you will be able to improvise with backup. You can then substitute different pattern/licks within any song backup you wish. Remember that these pattern/licks are not used for the melody, they are used to compliment the group of musicians, within the "big picture" of sound.


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