Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lesson #115, Cumberland Gap III

Hi Everyone,

In this video I came up with a variation for the last measures in the first part of this song using an E minor position, which we know from our studies of relative minors will work over the chord of G major, which is the key of this song.

Lets take a look at the position for a moment. If we form an E major chord using the second string position on the second string, fifth fret, we have an E major chord. Now we flat the third degree (from lessons on Minor chords), and you can see in the video we now have an E minor triad. I based this section on the E minor chord using the second string position. Its just a little variation to break up the more standard version.

You can see the importance of understanding the relative minor within this variation. Its use is coming directly from the relative minor. Try to come up with your own variations using the relative minor, its a cool way to spice a piece up.

Also mentioned in this video was listening to your own playing. When you are playing any given tune or song, does it sound right to you? Do you think the timing is right? If you think something doesn't quite sound right, you are probably correct. By listening to your own playing , whether you record yourself, or just listening to what you are playing at any given time, will tell yourself what you probably need to work on, and is good for self evaluation.

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