Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lesson #068, Playing the Melody and Improvising with Rolls Around the Melody VI

Hi Everyone,

I've decided not to put any tablature with this series of Bile em Cabbage Down. I would like you to just come up with a simple version of the chorus and verse.

I did Improvise over both chorus and verse in this video, I said I was just using the chorus, but I played through a verse as well. Remember the chorus is the very first lines I played and sang in the beginning of this series. So come up with a simple version of the chorus first, even if its just using pinches.

If you have to start out with all wholes notes ....Thats fine! Play a very simple version at first..... as long as its your version! If it sounds good to is good! After you feel comfortable playing your own version, hopefully it will lead itself into some improvisations...... maybe a different roll in spots........ or breaking up a measure with different notes.

I wish you the best in your first arrangements of Bile em Cabbage Down, and I also hope your first improvisations soon follow. Please let me know how you are making out with your own arrangements and Improvistations, I would love to hear how you are doing and what your thoughts are on this series.

Thanks All,


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