Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lesson #067, Playing the Melody and Improvising with Rolls Around the Melody V

Hey Everybody,

There are many things we can do when we are working on and trying to improvise with a basic melody. We can play it as basic as we like, or we can expand on the basics to interpret the song or tune however we like. I do think it sounds best to stick close to the melody on more traditional tunes or songs, although even with tradition we can express our own individulism and personalities within the tune or song.

In this song I talked a little bit about what I call inflections added to the melody. Just like a singer can add his or her own style to a vocal interpretation, so can we as instrumentalists. By adding these "inflectons" we are taking liberties with the basic melody, we are adding our own personality or style to the melody. There are many things that we can do to add interest to ours solos if we wish, and what we just went over are a few of them. We can even add interest by taking things out of our soloing, and even out of the melody.

When we get into more progressive sounds we will take our improvisations as far as we can, we will try to push our imaginations and reach out beyond something that maybe you thought you couldnt reach. Anything is attainable, and you can take your playing as far as you wish, Its really up to you!
Its all cool, whether you want to learn a few tunes or take it further.....its all cool and fun!

Have Fun Everyone,


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