Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lesson #088, Cripple Creek I

Hi Everyone,

In these series of lessons we are going to go over the well know banjo tune Cripple Creek. We will take this tune apart and discuss more on timing. In the playing style of Scruggs, there are many subtleties that lay within his playing. Especially subtleties in some of the timings throughout his lines and in his backup. We will start to explore the basics of some of these subtleties in the series on Cripple Creek.

To help us understand these subtleties, lets take a look at rests used in standard musical notation. A "rest" in musical notation means that we aren't going to play anything when we see the symbol for the four rests we are going over. If we see a "whole rest"...we wont play for 4 beats. If we see a "half rest"...we wont play for 2 beats. If we see a "quarter rest"....we wont play for one beat. If we see an "eighth rest"...we wont play for 1/2 of a beat.

The rest symbols shown in the video are the symbols used in standard notation. We will go over this in more detail in the following lessons. I hope you enjoy Cripple Creek everyone..............goin up cripple creek and have alittle fun...........

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  1. These are excellent videos. I've been playing for six months and this just showed me easily the part of the song I didn't know. Thank you very much.