Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lesson #007, Tuning Your Banjo

Hi everyone,

I like to use an electronic tuner when I tune my banjo. An electronic tuner gives me the precision I like when tuning my banjo. My tuner clips onto the peghead. Then I pick the string I want to tune and twist the tuner until the desired note/string appears on the display of the tuner. The string will be in-tune when the display arrows appear simultaneously on both sides of the desired note. Twist your tuners slowly while using this process. You can use this type of tuner on any string choice. The desired string you wish to tune should appear automatically as you pick the string. If the note/string doesn't appear, pick the string and twist the tuner in either direction until the desired note appears in the display. Then go on to fine up the tuning as mentioned above. You can also try to tune the banjo by ear. Listen to the segment listed ( tuning and fingerficks), then try to match the pitch of the strings on your banjo with the pitch of the strings on the video.

Good Luck with your tunings!

David Cavage

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