Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lesson #010, Forward Roll Variations

Hi Everyone,

This lesson consists of three slight variations on the forward roll. The "T" or thumb starts the roll we learned in the previous lesson picking the fifth string. The "I" or index finger picked the third string, and the "M" or middle finger picked the first string. Now for the variations in this text I'm going to be using those abbreviated letters..... "T", "I", "M", to describe the variations. The first variation consists of this ( T I M T M). The second variation consists of this ( T I M T I) and the third variation consists of this (T I M T I M T). Practice those three variations while striving for consistency and flow in your right hand. Always remember, and I'm going to be mentioning this frequently....Timing is everything !
Have fun with your playing everyone and I'll seeya next time on the Moose.

Rock On....


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