Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lesson #020, The Alternating Thumb Roll

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This roll is called the alternating thumb roll, or the thumb1 thumb2 roll. 1 and 2 being the index and middle fingers of your right hand respectively. This roll starts with the thumb, then the index then back to the thumb ( hence the name alternating thumb roll) then the middle. Practice this roll on different strings as well. So the foundational rolls of the right hand in the three finger style are...... The forward roll ( forward motion of the right hand). The backward roll ( backward motion). The forward/backward roll ( forward and backward motion ) The backward/forward roll (backward and forward motion) . The alternating thumb roll ( alternating motion with special consideration to the thumb. Practice all these rolls well everyone for they are the meat and potatoes of the whole style!

You say potato..... I say potatoe.......

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