Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lesson #021, Learning the Slide

Hi Everyone,

First let me say that I made a couple of verbal mistakes in this video. In the first demonstration of the slide, I said slide the thumb from the second to fourth fret. What I meant to say was to slide your MIDDLE finger of your left hand in the example .Also at one point I said slide from the second to third fret...which was incorrect. The example in this video uses the slide from the second to fourth fret.

So on with the slide. The slide is a left hand technique that involves sliding any of your fingers of your left hand across the fingerboard from any one fret to another. In this example I used the alt thumb roll but you can use the slide on any roll or lick you wish. It is one of a few different techniques of the left hand to give different sound effects to the rolls and licks of the right hand. Practice all of these left hand techniques .... you are sure to being using them in your playing!



  1. Lesson #021, Learning the Slide has no sound.

  2. I had sound with this lesson. Once again David, My hat is off to you my friend. I am working my way through the lessons slowly and I am making progress.

    Cheers from Taiwan