Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lesson #026, Introduction to Train 45

Hi Everyone,

I Must say something before you start on Train 45 for all you beginners out there. As I look at my lessons and look at this tune, I feel now that this tune is really an Intermediate tune. I may have jumped the gun on this tune for all you beginners. I would rather you continue on with your lessons starting with the lesson right after this series on Train 45 (lesson 33) because the last thing I would want to do is discourage any of you out there learning the five string. I wanted to show the left hand techiques in combination with the right hand rolls but I didnt realize at the time that this tune is probably to hard to take on at this particular time in the learning process. So if you want to try it, you sure can, but I'd rather that you move on past this tune towards the other lessons before you try to tackle it. Thanks everyone and I surely hope these lessons are Helping.


Here's a rendition of the Bluegrass standard Train 45. This is a great Bluegrass tune that I've enjoyed jamming at festivals and have performed on stage several different times I'm sure. This will be the next tune I'm going to be teaching here on the Moose.

This tune definetly has "Drive". Drive is word used in Bluegrass to describe the feel of the tune. I likened it in the video to a freight train going down the tracks. To play with Drive doesn't mean you have to play the song fast. It means that the song is being played with momentum...... a solid forward momentum...... just like a freight train going down the tracks. The freight train has purpose and momentum getting to its destination, so you can think about that as you are learning this tune.

I usually play this tune in the key of B. For simplicity's sake I've kept it in the key of G. I will be talking about playing in different keys in the future. I've showed you my capo in this video as well. A capo is a device used to bar a fret to easily change keys without retuning or using different left hand positioning. It is used alot in Bluegrass so I would definetly suggest purchasing one for yourself.

Good Luck with Train 45 everyone and I hope you reach your destination in good time!


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