Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lesson #027, Train 45 I

Note: This lesson should probably be classified as "Intermediate". To return to the beginner series, skip to lesson #33

Hi All,

Here we go.... into Train 45.... I'm going to teach you this tune just like John Henry, that being in a note for note style. I'm also going to be including the tablature for this tune. Tablature or Tab for short, is a more simplistic form of written music that shows you exactly what strings and what frets to use. Now, learning a tune note for note is learning mostly by "ear". Also with the video you can see what is happening as well. Learning by ear or by written music such as tab both have advantages and I believe you should try to learn things in different ways. I believe by teaching all the ways, can only help in learning your instrument. I'm also going to be explaining some about sheet music as well, to help in understanding the timing of some of these tunes. Although its not neccessary to be able to read tab or music to become proficient on the banjo, I'm going to present you with all I can so you can take advantage of whatever method or methods you'd like pursue.

I'll be explaining how to read tab in an upcoming video. I will probably delve into the notes on the fingerboard and about forming basic chords before I explain tablature.


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