Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lesson #015, Basic Improvisation on the Banjo

Hi Everyone,

Although you won't be Improvising right away, I still want to talk about Improvisation and the Birth of a Lick and it's developement early in these lessons to explain what it means and to get the idea of Improvisation in your head. Improvisation means taking all the things you know and then creating music on spot with that knowledge. I think Improvising will be one of the most used tools you have when playing Bluegrass or any other type of music. Improvisation in Bluegrass Banjo is largely, but not solely based on Licks. A Lick is a short musical phrase built from a roll. You start with a roll, then you create patterns from the roll, then you create Licks from the pattterns. It may sound a little complicated right now, but it really isn't. When you start to learn about and work with these licks, you'll have a better understanding of how its going to work. I will be continuing the next lesson with various other rolls. Backward, reverse, alternating thumb, pinches and more on the Forward roll as well. Then you will work on the rolls and patterns and licks and you will be flying in no time! Hope to see you next time everyone...

Rock On..


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